Single old man is inferior to the 67-year-old first love


Single old man is inferior to the 67-year-old first love

“I found true love, I will never marry in my life!

“Jiang Zhengcai, who has never been able to find true love, has been insisting on his love conviction.

I thought that he would be alone for the rest of his life, but did not expect to have a first love at the age of 67, and loved the 66-year-old Xia Guiru.

Today, the wedding of the two will be in the antiques of the Shuangliu County Center.

銆€銆€In the old people’s home, the first love of the 60-year-old man was exposed. “Grandpa, I suddenly thought of asking us to eat sugar?”

At the end of last month, Jiang Zhengcai brought candy to the office of the Shuangliu Center Nursing Home. When they were assigned to the staff, everyone was not sure about what happened.

“It’s candy!

Jiang Zhengcai is a little embarrassed.
銆€銆€”Who is the bride?

“We haven’t found out in peacetime!”

“Uncle Jiang, your city is deep enough!”

“.The office was so busy, everyone was questioning Jiang who is the bride.

Being asked like this, Grandpa Jiang is more embarrassed. He will soon come in with the bride who has been waiting outside the door. Everyone knows that the bride is the Xia Guiru mother-in-law of the nursing home.

銆€銆€Xia’s wife’s wife has been dead for more than 6 years, and Grandpa Jiang has never married, even his love relationship with Xia’s mother-in-law, or his first love.

銆€銆€I lived alone for the rest of my life only to pursue the true love of 67-year-old Grandpa Jiang, about 1.

The 6-meter-long head, although his hair is white, his body is quite strong, and he speaks energetically.

“I have never met the right one!

Speaking of single life for more than 60 years, Grandpa Jiang sighed.

When he was young, although he was not considered to be handsome, his own conditions were not bad, and many relatives introduced him to the subject, but as long as he did not feel it, he would not go deep into the relationship with the other party.

銆€銆€”Marriage is a lifelong event, not sloppy!

Uncle Jiang said that although the family has been putting pressure on him to make him a family earlier, in his opinion, if he does not find true love, he will never marry. “It is not only harmful to marrying someone who does not love, but more.”It hurts others!

“I lived in the old man’s home, the old man finally met true love” never thought about it, can find the other half of my old age with me here!

“Grandpa, who was just in love with his first love, was so happy that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

He and Xiapo are both Pengzhen people. Their homes are separated by more than 10 miles. Before entering the nursing home, they knew each other but were not familiar with them.

銆€銆€In 2008, the two lived in the Shuangliu County Center for the Elderly.

Most of them appear in front of them. They are strange faces. When they are a little familiar, they often go out to have tea and go shopping.

銆€銆€”Actually, we are sitting together and talking about it!”

Uncle Jiang said that he stayed in the nursing home for nearly three years. He and his mother-in-law had tea together. There were a lot of shopping time, but at first they thought they could come together. “After all, people in their 60s, how can they deliberately fall in love?”what.

But the two of us are together, taking care of each other, getting along very well, this is the true love I am looking for!

When the two men went out to drink tea in mid-February this year, Grandpa Jiang suddenly proposed to Jiang’s mother-in-law, and she did not refuse to face Jiang’s usual care for her.

On the day of the marriage proposal, the two also officially initialized the relationship.

After knowing the matter, the Dean of the Senior Citizens decided to hold a wedding for them. After attending the Congress of the Nursing Home, they finally decided to hold a grand wedding ceremony for them in the nursing home according to local customs.