[How to steam water eggs]_Steamed water eggs_Homely practices_Production method

[How to steam water eggs]_Steamed water eggs_Homely practices_Production method

Eggs are foods that people often eat in life. There are too many ways to eat eggs. Today, the way to eat eggs is steamed eggs. This method seems simple, but it ‘s not really good to make it.Easy, these steps are worth studying carefully.

First, fresh orange steamed egg material (serving for 1 person), 2 fresh oranges (about 400-500g in total), (“Sunkist” or other uniform and juicy fresh oranges), 1 egg, 1 teaspoon white sugar(5g) Method 1. Gently rub 1 orange on the table for 2 minutes.

After feeling that the outer skin is soft, use a sharp small fruit knife to cut about 0 to 2-3 cm away from the orange umbilical cord.

5cm deep circle, remove the orange peel completely.

2. Carefully remove the orange petals from the orange peel, leaving a complete spherical orange container and its small shell.

3. Cut the other orange in half and squeeze it with a spoon or orange juicer to recover the fresh juice.

4. Measure the volume of 1 egg liquid (approximately 50ml) in a measuring cup, mix in white granulated sugar, and then add the same amount of freshly squeezed orange juice to beat well.

After filtering through a fine mesh, pour into an empty orange peel container.

5. Boil the water in the steamer at high fire, put the egg liquid, and add the oranges in the case.

Steam over high heat for 15 minutes, and turn off the lid for another 2 minutes after turning off the heat.

Second, fish sauce shrimp steamed water egg material shrimp, raw flour, 3 duck eggs, fish sauce, sesame oil, sugar practices1.

Peel fresh shrimp, add raw flour, rinse, drain, and refrigerate for half an hour.


Add three duck eggs and add fish sauce.

A little sugar.

sesame oil.


Measure the water in the rice bowl.

Add an egg and a half bowl of water to the left and right sides and mix well and cover a flat plate.

Steam the boiled steamer for about eight minutes, and then add the chopped shrimps.

Otherwise it will sink) Steam for a few minutes and turn off the heat.

Third, a microwave steamed egg material 60 grams of eggs, 120 grams of cold water.

1 teaspoon of cooking wine (5ml), 1/2 teaspoon of salt (2g), steamed fish stew oil and fat.

Method 1, beat the eggs one by one in a bowl, add water for two to stir, add cooking wine and salt; 2. stir well, filter into a container for steaming eggs;

Place in a microwave oven and turn on high heat for two minutes. 4. Clams steamed with water and egg materials. Clams, eggs, salt, soy sauce, chicken powder, vegetable oil, spring onions. 1. Clams are soaked in fresh salt water to spit sand. It may not be enough time to soak.I didn’t see any spitting sand.

2, the eggs are broken, add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder (optional) and mix well, then add the same amount or slightly more water and mix thoroughly.

3. Use a knife to slightly cut open the seam under the faucet to rinse it, in case there is sand, um, don’t push it too far.

4. Sieve the adjusted egg liquid so that the steamed eggs are delicate.

5. Add the cleaned clams to the egg mixture and steam for 8-10 minutes.

6, after the pot is poured with soy sauce, you can also pour some vegetable oil or sprinkle a little onion for more fragrant.