Six kinds of entertainment activities can effectively delay aging


Six kinds of entertainment activities can effectively delay aging

Older people want to delay aging, usually should participate in some recreational activities, maintain a young heart, can also prevent various diseases of the elderly, cultivate the human body, health care.

Here are six entertainment activities for the elderly.

銆€銆€The music is a fast-paced, pleasant music that will take your heart off and make you happy. At this time, the body’s neurohumoral system is at its best, thus reconciling the inside and outside, and coordinating the effects of blood and blood.
A majestic and high-spirited piece of music can make people passionate, full of passion, and produce positive and upward power.

The elderly should choose the music that is healthy, elegant, beautifully tune, and gentle and soothing, to achieve the purpose of eliminating boring, affection and nourishment.

銆€銆€Some people in calligraphy and painting compare calligraphy and painting to “qigong exercise without practicing Qigong.”

First of all, calligraphy pays attention to the idea. When practicing, you must be calm and calm, concentrate on your mind, and eliminate distracting thoughts. This is similar to Qigong’s breathing exercise and intentions. Secondly, calligraphy and painting are all about posture, requiring head-to-head, shoulder-to-shoulder, and chest back.Straight, lift the wrist and concentrate the whole body on the upper limb, which is very close to the posture of Qigong practice.

銆€銆€Fishing is suitable for fishing in the suburbs, often going to the suburbs to walk, it is a kind of exercise; secondly, the waterside river, the air is unusually fresh, the negative ion content is high, people feel comfortable, happy, and beneficial to the body’s metabolism,It can alleviate the effects of calming, hypnosis, blood pressure reduction and fatigue reduction. In addition, when fishing, when the fish is hooked, the joy and ease will overflow with the words, so as to achieve the best health condition without any worries.

銆€銆€Raising flowers and raising flowers can not only be appreciated by people, beautifying the environment, making them pleasing to the eye, and the aroma of flowers can also dissolve and sterilize and purify the air.

At the same time, the aromatic substances released by the flowers, through the human olfactory sensory nerves, are shockingly smooth and smooth, bloody and harmonious, and enjoyable, resulting in a spleen-like pleasure.

銆€銆€Dance experiment research shows that unless the slow dance in ballroom dancing, the energy consumption is 3-4 times that of people in a quiet state; secondly, when dancing, the dancers must coordinate with the music, must concentrate on the music, dance steps.With the light and pleasant music accompaniment and charming lighting, it is a beautiful enjoyment and more intoxicating.

銆€銆€Tourism and tourism can make people enjoy the strange scenery of nature and the human landscape of history, culture, customs and so on, so that people can enjoy spiritual enjoyment. At the same time, in the exotic scenery, breathe the fresh air and let the short-lived short-lived flowIt helps people to relax.