Five classic stories to solve the wisdom of life


Five classic stories to solve the wisdom of life


In a different situation, a pig, a sheep and a cow were kept in the same corral.

Once, the shepherd caught the pig, and he shouted loudly and resisted fiercely.

Sheep and cows hate its name and say, “He often catches us, we don’t yell.

“The pig listened and replied: “Catching you and catching me is totally different. He catches you, just wants your hair and milk, but catching me, but it is my life!”

“Different positions, people in different environments, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings; therefore, the frustration, frustration, and pain of others, should not be gloating, but should be concerned about the mood.

Have a tolerant heart!


Ask my mother about my little snail: Why do we have to bear this hard and heavy shell when we are born?

銆€銆€Mum: Because our body has no bone support, we can only climb and climb fast.

So want the protection of this shell!

銆€銆€Small snail: The caterpillar has no bones and can’t climb fast. Why doesn’t she have to carry this hard and heavy shell?

銆€銆€Mom: Because the caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, the sky will protect her.

銆€銆€Little snail: But my younger brother doesn’t have bones to climb fast, and won’t turn into a butterfly. What does he not carry this hard and heavy shell?

銆€銆€Mom: Because the younger brother will drill the earth, the earth will protect him.

銆€銆€The little snail cried: We are so poor, the sky is not protected, and the earth is not protected.

銆€銆€Snail mother comforted him: so we have shells!

We don’t rely on the sky, we don’t rely on the ground, we rely on ourselves.


Some sharks and fish have been experimented with placing one of the fiercest sharks and a group of tropical fish in the same pool, and then using a reinforced glass grille. Initially, the sharks continually collide with the invisible glass every day, which is just futile.It can’t go across the opposite side, and the experimenter puts some squid in the pool every day, so the shark doesn’t cause prey, but it still thinks about the opposite, wants to try the beautiful taste, and it still continually rushes every day.Block glass, it tried every corner, every time it was exhausted, but every time it was always scarred, and several times it broke and bleed for a few days, every time there was a crack in the glass,The experimenter immediately added a thicker glass.

銆€銆€Later, the shark fish no longer collided with the glass, and they no longer care about the colorful tropical fish. It seems that they are just the murals that move in the hall. It starts to wait for the squid that will appear every day, and then uses his agile instinct to hunt.It seems that I am back to the fierce domineering in the sea, but everything is just a fake image. At the final stage of the experiment, the experimenter took the glass away, but the shark did not respond and was still swimming in a fixed area every day.Not only did it turn a blind eye to those tropical fish, but even when the squid fled there, he immediately gave up chasing and said nothing would go any further. The experiment was over and the experimenters laughed that it was the weakest fish in the sea.

But people who have lost love know why, it is afraid of pain.


Miracles A remote town in France, it is said that there is a special water spring, often miraculous, can cure various diseases.

One day, a veteran with a cane and a leg missing, walked across the road in the town, and the townspeople next to him sympathized and said, “Poor fellow, is he going to God?”Pray for another leg?

“This sentence was heard by the retired military. He turned and said to them: “I am not asking God to have a new leg, but to pray for him to help me, so that I don’t have a leg and know how toLive.

Imagine: learning for the lost gratitude, but also accepting the lost facts, regardless of the gains and losses of life, always let your own life full of brilliance and brilliance, no longer tears for the past, work hard to live their lives.

There is an old man fishing on the river. A child walks over to watch him fishing. The old man is skillful, so he didn’t take long to catch a fish. The old man saw the child very cute. He gave him the whole fish.Shaking his head, the old man asked in amazement: “Why don’t you?

The child replied: “I want the fishing rod in your hand.

The old man asked: “What do you want to do?”

The child said: “This squid didn’t take long to eat. If I had a fishing rod, I could fish myself and I couldn’t finish it for a lifetime.”

“I think you will definitely say: smart children.

Wrong, if he only needs to catch a fish, he can’t eat a fish.

Because he doesn’t know the skills of fishing, it is useless to have a fishing rod, because fishing is not important in fishing, but there are too many people in fishing skills who think they have the fishing rods in their life, and they are no longer afraid of the wind and rain on the road.So, it will inevitably fall on the muddy ground.

Just like a child looking at an old man, I thought that as long as there is a fishing rod, there is a fish that can’t be eaten. Like a staff member, I look at the boss and think that as long as I sit in the office, there is a source of money.