[Can ginger cure my body odor]_ Arm odor _ How to treat

[Can ginger cure my body odor]_ Arm odor _ How to treat

Ginger not only has the effect of keeping cold and warmth, but also has the effect of inhibiting bacteria, so it is said that fresh ginger can be implanted with body odor.

The method is relatively simple. First, the skin must be cleaned, and then cut into pieces with fresh ginger and applied to the armpit area. It not only has the effect of astringent sweat, but also has the effect of inhibiting bacteria.

For patients with body odor, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. If it is more serious, it can also be treated by minimally invasive surgery.

Can ginger be used to treat body odor? Wipe clean with a slice of ginger. Ginger 30g, chopped, immersed in general medical alcohol, sealed and bottled for 1 week, extracted and filtered, used for bottle equipment.

Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to dip a thin wire into the armpit, 2-3 times a day, and keep rubbing.

However, the ginger treatment is very slow, and it is only an initial slowing effect on body odor, and it cannot be completely eradicated.

Ginger can reduce the effect of antibiotics. Ginger extract can significantly inhibit skin wrinkles and insecticides. External use can stimulate the skin to enhance blood circulation and inhibit trichophyton, and can treat a variety of skin diseases.

Body odor precautions: Out of consideration for the patient’s own safety and freedom of movement.

Want to completely eliminate body odor, patients need to choose a treatment method carefully, some use Bai Diqing treatment, only with the correct treatment method can effectively eliminate body odor troubles.

1. In daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your skin clean.

Pay attention to cleanliness, wash the affected area with soap, wash frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep the skin dry.

Especially keep arm sockets, perineum, breasts and other parts clean, wash with soap and water every day.

2, usually to reduce the irritation of the armpit skin.

Many women have the habit of plucking underarm hair, especially in summer. In order to wear sleeveless clothes, it is more beautiful. However, if you have a body odor, you should still do less of these moves, because the more stimulating, the easier the hair follicles will grow and the sweat glands will be more developed.

Will produce odor.

Therefore, female friends should never pluck armpit hair often.

3, eat more watery fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, oranges, watermelons and winter melon are all watery, but also absorb more high-fiber and high-moisture foods, then you can increase some defecationSpeed, and then excrete the organic substances in the stomach and intestines out of the body, so that bacteria will be difficult to breed, so naturally it can also reduce some odor.