Women’s autumn health care to drink these kinds of soup, skin white beauty and handkerchief?

Women’s autumn health care to drink these kinds of soup, skin white beauty and handkerchief?

Autumn is a very beautiful season, autumn is also the best season for tonic, women who love health must not miss it.

The following small series introduces female friends to a few “soups” that are both delicious and healthy.

First, black bean red dates pig skin soup materials: black beans 250g, red dates 12, pork skin 250g, coriander, rice wine, broth amount.

Practice: 1, wash black beans, red dates, pig skin, parsley cut into small pieces to be used.

2, the pig’s skin water to the color of the hard, remove and cut into pieces.

3, the broth into the pot, into the pig skin, black beans, red dates together, add rice wine to boil the soup, and then turn into a small fire slowly stew.

4. When the black bean pig skin is stewed until it is rotten, add salt, parsley and other seasonings.

Function: Black bean red jujube can nourish blood and soothe the nerves, supplement the vital energy, and also proliferate white blood cells, improve human immunity, and have a good health effect.

At the same time, pig skin can also supplement collagen, blood and nourishing, but also wrinkle skin, has a good beauty effect.

Second, spinach pig liver soup material: pig liver 100g, spinach 150g, ginger amount, seasoning amount.

Practice: 1, pig liver slices, ginger shredded, spinach washed and spare.

2, the right amount of water to boil, add a small amount of cooking oil, and then add the pig liver.

3, after the pig liver is cooked, add ginger, add the spinach when the water is reopened, add the seasoning, and then turn off the water immediately.

Function: spinach pig liver soup main blood, pig liver containing iron, as well as high protein, trace, phosphorus and vitamins, spinach is also rich in iron, but also has calcium, potassium, sodium and other trace elements; spinach pig liver soupJust enough nutrition to fully supplement the nutrition, to achieve the effect of blood.

Third, glutinous rice pig’s foot soup ingredients: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 300 grams of pig’s feet, 20 grams of ginger, the right amount of seasoning practices: glutinous rice washed, soaked in cold water for 3 hours, so that it can be more easily cooked, pig feet washedAfter cutting into pieces, ginger is washed and cut into pieces. Prepare a pot, pour the water into it, then add glutinous rice, pig’s feet, ginger, boil for 1 hour with medium heat, then add the right amount of seasoning, then turnAfter cooking for 5 minutes on a small fire, the production is complete.

Role: remove moisture, spleen and stomach, four, red jujube pumpkin soup ingredients: red dates 30 grams, pumpkin 400 grams, the right amount of brown sugar practices: red dates washed to go nuclear, pumpkin washed, peeled into pieces, added in the potAdd the right amount of water, add red dates, pumpkin, and pour the right amount of brown sugar, cook for 40 minutes, the red jujube pumpkin soup is finished.

Role: warm stomach, cold, keep the skin elastic.